The Jamela brand was launched in 2007 by the Surkran (USA) Group.

Ancient civilisations recognised that the properties of botanical and mineral ingredients have great benefits to the skin. Historians claim that Cleopatra slept in a Gold Mask to maintain her beauty and youthful appearance. Jamela is the world brand leader in Mineral Collagen Sheet Facial Masks, creating a new generation of natural and ethical skincare, with no animal oils, fats, alcohol, synthetic fragrances nor animal testing, with the added simplicity of being a one piece sheet gel mask.

The Jamela range of Facial Masks, comprises of the Gold Series, a range of luxury masks that have prompted the introduction of the Gold Facial in premiere spas, hotels and salons internationally. The Mineral Range with a variety of the most beautiful botanical ingredients that nature has to offer with differing efficacies and the Lotus Crystal Range, a spiritual symbol that has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine for 5000 years.

The one piece facial masks are complimented by a full range of Overnight Gels, Overnight Eye Creams and Serums, created to treat specific skin concerns and encourage skin repair and renewal throughout the night, when the skin’s cellular growth and repair process is at its peak.

Jamela, adapted from the Arabic for Beautiful, being the inspiration to create a new era in professional skincare products. Harmonising cultural knowledge with cutting edge innovation to combine Eastern aesthetics with Western science and technology.